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Why Are People So Mean?

I keep asking myself that question over and over and over.

Sometimes I wonder why or how can you be soo... so VERY mean to someone, just because your ego is bruised. I asked a Babalawo of mine but all he had to say was “humans are wired that way” and that is the survival of the fittest.

How depressing is that?

The omnipotent presence in the sky, decided that we should all be here to live in harmony but put in a wiring that causes us to be complete bafoons. Yes! That sounds marvellous!


So maybe I am taking it out of on context for a bit.

However! I do think I have a valid point here. The ego and the human condition can sometimes destroy humanity. I believe that the overall purpose in life is to create, not only in a literal sense but in a non-literal as well.

To talk in a meta-physical perspective, the world is made of energy. Energy vibrates and connects with other pieces of energy, getting stronger and stronger. So therefore to be living in a world that is so full and vast shouldn’t we all strive to get stronger and stronger in a wholesome and growth-filled atomosphere? Helping each other get stronger, so everyone can be happy?

Maybe when the Babalawo said, “survival of the fittest he ment that the strength came from those who helped others?

Thought of the Day?


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