Creative Arts Coaching 

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If you are a creative arts professional like an author or writer, dancer, musician, visual artist, or film maker then welcome to EZ Coaching.  I am Empress Zingha, author, spoken word artist, actress, director, entrepreneur and creative arts coach.  As artists and creative people we live the life of experience, expression and experimentation first - before we think about merging it with a strong business model. Having a creative business means that your heart and soul is entwined with the products and services you make.  You are the biggest asset to your creative career – and the biggest potential liability. 

This means that all of your work comes from the knowing of self. WE create on the human experience, what it means to feel, to have empathy and to challenge society’s philosophies in spite of gaining popularity.  We are here to disturb the masses. Make them think, feel and have conversations. However at times, your inner critic may turn into Impostor Syndrome, we get crippled by fear of leveling up as a professional, or don’t think we deserve what we have achieved because we “aren’t good enough”  It can become a very lonely process of battling your mindset as you try evolve.  

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I am not for everyone and that’s OK.  


If you are looking for an arts manager, I will be unable to do so.  However, I will give you the tools to empower and manage yourself.  This programme is not about spoon-feeding anyone the answers, however I will ask you questions that help you find your own answers.  


Getting a coach is a personal experience, so if you are interested in the programme that I have to offer, listen to some of the testimonials below and write up the sign up form so we can meet to see if we are compatible.