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It Ain't About Followers or Likes!

So an IG star decided to do a clothing line and all she had to do was to sell 30 shirts. THIRTY SHIRTS out of 2 Million followers... she sold none! This lady could not get one shirt sold and she had over 2 million followers!

I've been saying this over and over and over again. Weather it is or Empress Zingha the artist or coach; you could have a million followers! - If you can't get support from your "fans" then what is the point? I would rather have a small community of faithfuls that are potential clients and collabs (and they were many of you! I love and appreciate you!) Than a million bots!

It's great if you have a following of 1 million who are true die hards! Make that coint! But if you are an artist and you are are selling, it's now a business. You need to build your community. The people have to get to know you, and your work. They need to trust you and your brand and what you will and won't stand for. This is so important.

If not, put your profile on private and share with friends and family. The business is changing. Nobody is looking at how many followers you have anymore, they want to see what value your are creating.

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