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Empress Zingha: Why Should I Go To A Summit Episode 4/4 - The Follow Up

Somehow, we forget to this part. Maybe it’s the anxiety of making that call or sending that email, but for whatever reason you may think you have, you can’t go forward, until you Follow Up! Now that the conference is over and persons have gone back to their respective homes and countries, begin sorting out all that information that you acquired over the last couple days. Start with business cards and brain dump everything you remembered about that person and their business as best you can. This helps to re-open the conversation when you make contact again and communication will flow.

NB: Follow up in no more than three days.

You should have connected with them via social media by now as well and message them about having a business meeting with coffee. Also in your message, be sure to tell them that you enjoyed the conversation and what you were appreciative of learning from them. Please also note, not to expect instant miracles. People are super busy catching up with what they put on pause for the conference and it will take a few attempts before you hear from them. Vary your communication methods. If you’ve emailed, try social media or a telephone or whatsapp call. Even if there is no immediate next step in this business relationship, still reach out. Keep yourself on their radar as best you can. This way, when you do need to connect on something specific, it won’t be random and they are more than likely to remember you.

This part I don’t see too much as a reminder for following up, but even though you may be following up with everyone you’ve met, don’t forget to follow up, with yourself! What did you learn? What resources or apps did you get acquainted with or need to immerse yourself in? Is there information that you can use to help other team members get done with tasks? Is there a class you can do that can help your community and pay it forward? Think on those things and see what can happen.

I really do hope that you have enjoyed these few days. Tomorrow is Day 1 of the Caribbean Start Up Summit and I am going to be on stage speaking on one of the first panels. Do you know what it is the most important thing I forgot to mention in this series? SLEEP! Get rest and relax. The day will be amazing!

I am Empress Zingha and this has been “How To Get Ready for A Summit”.

If any of this information has been helpful to you, smash that follow button and share with people who could benefits from it. If you have any tips that I have missed be sure to mention them in the comments.


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