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Empress Zingha: Why Should I Go To A Summit Episode 3/4 - Branding

So! We have made it to the summit! You are at the event and you begin schmoozing with other entrepreneurs. Make sure you have at the very least, a current, simple, but branded business card with your contact information! On your card, you should also have a logo of your company. If you can, try to make use of both sides.

A couple of tips:

Digital companies, like my husband and I have, we have a digital QR Code that people can scan and it has on all of our information. When persons click it, it goes straight into their phones and it only takes a few seconds and there is not a lot of misuse, or lost pieces of paper.

Things To Put On The Card:

your full name,

phone number,


what you do,

your social media handles and website

This sounds obvious I know, but I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I have seen this.

The more you think about how your brand is, the better your business card will be. You can go online and check out how contemporary business cards look now. All shapes and sizes and colours, transparent or opaque do your research and see what best fits you.

By now, you should have your elevator pitch. You should be able to clearly state and define what your business does in one sentence. The answer to “What do you do?” is a sentence that gives you an opportunity to offer that person, something they can remember about you.

Also, whilst you’re there, make as much use of the social media as you possibly can! Stories, pictures of guests, BTS footage, packages you may have received, things you learnt or things you expected and ideas which have resonated with you. This gives you a great boost in traffic and eyeballs on your social media platform.

Tip: whatever the focus of the conference is, use it to feed and play into your social media strategy. Also, tag those persons who you have mentioned. They may repost you and you have no idea where that traffic would do. Make it as good as possible!

Also, BEFORE the summit, clean up those social media platforms you use. Make sure that when your “hit list” - the people you connect with, sees your social media, the message you want to convey is what you are actually saying. Also, get active! I mean that goes without saying, but some of us hardly post on our social media anymore. Try to keep those posts currently and immersive, It shows that you are active and it’s like mini portfolio of the work you have done to date.

Prep That Kit!

If you are going to a conference, make sure you have your technology emergency kit! Inclusive of, laptop, charger, and portable charger for the the cell. I am the Queen of Stationary - All Hail! So know that I am bringing a pencil case! You don’t have to bring a pencil case, but at least a notebook and a pen. Shit happens and sometimes technology may not be on your side. You are gonna have to have a back up to the back up.

Finally, don’t forget to prep your comfortable clothing, Especially shoes. Granny always said, the three worst things to hurt any man are a broken heart, a tooth ache and hurt foot. Make sure you are wearing good shoes! We not trying to be on that barefoot vibe… leave it for the beach mixer at the end.

That is it for this episode, catch the last installment tomorrow! Where we will be talking about what everyone forgets to do: Following Up! I am Empress Zingha, the Bajan Fairy and your Creative Coach and If you have any questions, be sure to hit me up at Share this video with anyone who you think would benefit from this information. Always remember to believe in your magick!

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