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Taking A Step Back.... Do you Journal ?..

(Originally posted on my Facebook page February 16, 2014)

Well, I haven't blogged in such a while - but because of the upcoming topic I thought it fitting to write it down.

I have recently decided to do some organizing in my room - which is FULL OF BOOKS - reading books, art books, doodle books, cute books, fat, short, girly, geek... well you get the point.

I have organised some of them into a keep sake box of mine and just out of curiosity I peeked in.. one was written since 2000.. I was fifteen at the time LOL and I saw so much fun and experimentation in that book - color and quotes and stickers and poetry... oh my so much poetry! I feel amaZIng looking into it.

Now there was one which caught my eye that i realized I had not used all they way up.. but when I went inside it was soo 'ugly' and drab and empty... I looked at the date and realized that I had been in a relationship which at that time was changing me into something that I wasn't.. even when I checked back in the other four books after my gran had passed they were still filled of life and "hope-filled ness" - I broke away from that relationship because I felt myself dying and surely - sub-consciously I was writing it down in the place where I am at home the most, my book - my journal ... between the end of last year until now (because the book is almost ready to transition to an end) I have been writing like how I did in 2000 - there is colour and vibrancy in my life EVEN IN THE DARK TIMES there are hope-filled messages doodles of progression and I am amazed as a writer what my books have revealed to me.

Now I know that some may not read this and some may not even decide to write one but I just thought I would share this piece of information because it helped me in this time of reflection that I currently going through. I believe that everyone should be able to have a reference point in their lives where you can go to for solace and help in those times of hurt and uncertainties you may find ... dare i say it.. EPIC revelations?.......

So yea journal even if it is just to remind yourself to remind yourself of yourself..

AmaZing Sunday!...............


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