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Happy New You!

Finally 2017 huh!

A full 365 day do over.. you've planned and prepared for – oh.. you didn't?...

It’s now the 13th of January and you are having a panic attack?..

Well hold this Cheffette paper bag hey so and pull yuh self tuhgegga!

Every “new year” we do this to ourselves. Put the pressure on to have a clean slate at the beginning of the calendar year, even though we could start anew any day or any time you like!

“Every day is day one” – Jessica-Lindsay Reynolds

Why do we wait until the last second of the countdown clock to realize that we should be making better advancements for ourselves? We always get caught up don’t we? “oh shoot, it’s the end of the year – you know what, next year’s resolution is that I am going to go to gym more often” <- see dat dey? Uh trap! How I know? I made that trap! Every year I say I gine join a gym or something of that nature and then I fall short and I done with that. Why? Because I set a goal of being caught up in rather than being caught up with – (the ‘with’ here being me) and then I feel like a failure on December 29th because I did not follow through with my goal(s)…

Guess what fam! – It’s actually ok to do nothing. (Did I just say that?...) Yes! It’s actually ok to stop! and enjoy that place of where you are. You have come so far since you were 16! You may not have a million dollars but you may have a loving partner, child, or an awesome self awareness of yourself! You take shit from no one! To me that is something! Always remember that we are a work in progress.

Sometimes we are so wrapped up in cultural expectations, that we forget self expectations. You expect yourself to do better at your relationships, (romantic or platonic) – you expect yourself to work hard and be successful and that is great! But don’t be expectant because that is what is the norm. What if you are still learning a lesson, theme or dare I say it… ‘resolution’ from last year? To me it would make sense to learn that lesson before you get to that next stage!

I say all of that to say this – don’t beat yourself up! There are 365 days in a year for a reason. Why can’t your new ‘you’ year be in April 19th? Or July 31st? Don’t feel pressured because January started and you have no idea what the rest of the year is going to be like – it’s ok. You never know what those other days are going to bring to you!


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