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Parks Are Awesome!

On my last week of ‘vacation’ I spent most of my time getting back to nature and trying to relax. Anyone who knows me well will know that I cannot keep still for very long. This only became more and more evident when I started to put my performance career in full forward that coupled with studying for my masters I just lost track of it all.

This week I decided to take some time out for our national park Queen’s Park.

Grabbed a blanket and just sat, relaxed. read and tried not to move or do any type of work. It was difficult for the most part – ok all of it was difficult but after a time I got better and relaxed into myself. It’s a beautiful thing when one can connect with nature and disengage with everything else that causes distraction. The trees, the grass, the snow cone vendors children nearby giggling, the old buildings with their stories – gosh I wanna go back now! The park is just one of my favorite places but I am sure you have a couple of outside places as well. Take some time out today or at least some time soon to connect with nature, trust me you won’t regret it!


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