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Forget Me Nots

As most of us know, February is Black History Month. People all over Bim (Barbados for the international readers); are now buying up all the African print from Abed's and getting things ready for Africa day, holding festivals, black conscious events and all the rest. People are, for the most part in my circle, happy about remembering. It's good to remember isn't it. To unlock past moments and remind yourself of good times so you can inject some feel good feels! But what if you ain rememba...

For the past few weeks I have been open to receiving energy from friends. To be a support system in spite of needing one myself. I realise that a lot of people are hurting for various and valid reasons. Some with immense abuse and haunting shadows, others who have lost their way spiritually... "Like why I here? Wuh I supposed to do wid my life?.." - they can't remember.

"If you need to remember, Keep Moving."

Sometimes I can't remember either to be honestly transparent. Sometimes I can't remember why I am supposed to be special, what I am supposed to create, how to conjure thought into Black Girl Magick... it's overwhelming isn't it? Trying to remember yourself and all you have is a blank page. No info... no instructions... Then the big question comes, "What do I do now?"

Keep Moving.

"Easier said than done I know. But keep moving. Keep vibrating and attracting things towards you. Memories are unlocked by action. You have to do something in order to cause another to happen. That's how change occurs. Talk to the divine. Its connection to the human spirit and then wrap up. Here's an example... let's say you have had a bout of amnesia. You hit your head in an accident and you literally forget who the heck you are... This actually happened to my husband years ago. He was playing American football on the beach and fell hitting his head on a rock. He woke up to strange people in his face. Not knowing who they were or where they came from. His 'house' was supposed to be his house but it was hard for him to accept it. It was like... he knew the things but there was a block created and he could not move it. A trauma of hurt and swelling that needed to be healed. Thanks to the strong community he had (friends and family etc) he was able to over come it. One of his best friends came and took him for a drive, and the spoken word album which my husband recorded was also being played. His voice, his words, his vibe came through the speakers. By the end of the ride, he and his childhood friend were drinking beer and reminiscing.

"Do not be afraid of the darkness, you must face your shadows
in order to see the light."

Community is important. Circles are important. We can't be in the world on our own. Well - we can - but life loses its sweetness. In order to remember we have to be reintroduced to self. Where we come from and who we are. This usually happens when we remember someone who has passed on who used to give us sage advice that we would never listen to our hardly listen to when they were around. But something about that memory of them makes us get inspired and we are reminded of their teachings. Mine was my Nana... she was so annoying when she was around talking about herbs and spirituality, now there is a fundamental connection when I think of her and I make a home remedy for a cold or grab that particular type of incense to get my vibrations going. Creative projects too are another beautiful way of remembering self. I have journals and writings of things I've put down from six, (mummy keeps errrthing) and when I go back I am in awe of the philosophy I had. Naive yes, but what a time to be innovative and innocent!

"There is a place in the wind, where your vibrations attract your memories to remind you of who you are"

The most important thing you can do for yourself is to move forward. In the times that we are engulfed in the darkest parts of our lives, we must not be scared, or even be ashamed to ask for help. That is a movement forward. Community is a vital part of our existence because it is what binds us together spirituality and it reminds us of who we are. To remember yourself, look back. Look at all the things you have done, what your family and heritage has done, and you will start to remember even if so small, who you really are. In African heritage, this is called, Sankofa which translates to "go back and get it" - so go back now! and receive your self. Forget you not.

"Forget me Not! - For I am Sankofa."

Empress Zingha

The Bajan Fairy


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