I have been an artist all my life.  I am a storyteller, I was called to do it.  The medium doesn't matter.  When I left University with my MFA and ventured out into this big bold world as an arts entrepreneur, I could not find anyone truly understood how I felt.  I was young and ready to make art but I couldn't get my head around merging the business side from my degree into my creative belly.  

I've struggled, just like you, got depressed, but kept going!  Now I run an online platform called GineOn.com with my arts entrepreneurial #husbae D.J Simmons on the deeper stories of arts and culture of my country, Barbados.  

We have made the arts and culture phenomenon a viable business in our home and now I am going to teach you what I've learnt.


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Melissa Sunflower

Read Empress Zingha's first book Melissa Sunflowe! Dedicated to all little black girls who need to believe in their own magic! 

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Check out my "Cliffnotes"! A small blog focused on giving you some simple executables to enhance your creativity, and keep your spirit grounded.

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You are listening to: The Write Women Podcast! A platform which tells the stories of Black Caribbean Women who write and the steps they took to authorship! If you would like to get in contact with the show send an email to: thewritewomenpodcast@gmail.com Much Love!

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Get my newest publication, Melissa Sunflower and some freebie reads right here! 

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I work with creative millennial professionals who want to fulfill their true creative potential.  If you are ready to put in the work, over come your fears and have fun creating then click the button to see if we are compatible! 

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I have a few classes up ranging from poetry, creative writing and a lot more.  Click the button to check it out and buy a class!


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